It All Began A Long Time Ago

In fact it was on Christmas Eve 1966. I was on my way home when I literally bumped into a girl who lived just around the corner from my parent's house. I'm pretty sure that she had never noticed me, but she had been one of my main ************ thoughts for a few months. She was a good couple of years older than me and I had first seen her arguing with her boyfriend. I took note of this occasion as she had been wearing a shiny black PVC mac at the time. It was the image of her in this mac which fuelled many a wanking session. Although I had caught sight of her several times since then, I was disappointed that she no longer seemed to wear the mac. However she was wearing it when I collided with her on that fantastic Xmas Eve. I hastily tried to mumble an apology, but she just grabbed hold of me and pulled me close and to my complete surprise began to force her tongue down my throat. I was in heaven as she snogged me furiously, while I just rubbed my hands all over her mac, amazed at the effect it had on me. Then as suddenly as she had started she pulled away and carried on towards where she lived, pausing to look over her shoulder and shouting Happy Christmas. From then on I was hooked on shiny PVC clothing, which fortunately was all the rage in the sixties. I have had many more encounters involving girls wearing shiny plastic over the years but the memory of that first one is as clear in my mind as it was 40 odd years ago. More to follow.
shinytel shinytel
Jul 14, 2010