A Plastic Lover

If you are interested in plastic and rubber as I am, I would like to hear about you.

I have kept most things to do with my love of plastic and rubber very private, very few people have ever known about my fetish.
Years ago I discovered I wasn’t alone but despite this I have not yet found that special person.

I still get a good feeling when I see what I would term as normal people, modelling raincoats for there partners.
This does not mean I dislike models in rainwear.

I will try to introduce myself a little.
Well first of all, I am a married man, but we have been separated for
Years now and the children visit when they can.

So here I am a man who loves plastic and rubber, I would like to think I am
A nice person but I hope I am a good dad.

My love of plastic starts when I was very
Young, my first memory was of being made to wear a little girl’s rubber
Raincoat when I was very young it was brown like hospital rubber sheet.
It had the brown rubber on the inside and a check paten on the outside.

At the same time my mother had on a blue semi-transparent plastic Mac.
This had a great influence on me, and I can remember playing with myself
Under the Mac after that.

On a different occasion I got scarlet fever, I understood later that at the time it was an epidemic and because my father was a medical man I was to be looked after at home.

I can remember them taking down the curtains and bed sheets to burn them,
In the back garden.
My mother was the only one allowed to see me.
On my bed I had a brown rubber sheet to lie on and a plastic one on top, I understand, I was like this for two weeks.

I can remember very little about it, today if that happened I would of got
All the benefit.
So this will of gone some way to making me a life long plastic lover.
I do enjoy rubber sheets plastic sheets and raincoats pants.
I would enjoy hearing about other people male or female.

Plastic lover

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3 Responses Aug 2, 2010

I've loved wearing plastic macs for many years by solo sexual pleasure and with others. So if there's anybody not too far from the West Midlands (UK) please get in touch

hi i seen to share the same feelings about plastic and rubber. i love plastic sheets and rubber sheets plastic and rubber raincoats and plastic pants sheets plastic and rubber i have to use because i wear plastic pants for medical reasons after a motor vehicle accident be going back to my childhood and teenager years the love of plastic and rubber was always with me because one wet the bed and i still love plastic and rubber today and could not live without it now i love my diapers and plastic pants i mainly wear them at night and during the day sometimes it is good that we are not alone on this subject i love to be your friend and share cheer for now and await your decision bye bruce

HI, don't worry, yr not alone in yr PLASTIC. Please email Plastic Harry at harrybluevh@yahoo.com. or txt/call on 07554389786. Lots of PLASTIC fun awaits you!x