Monkey Mia...

Monkey Mia is a place in Western Australia, where you can feed dolphins.
Park Rangers come down to the beach twice daily and invite the crowd of on-lookers to help.
They pick 4-6 helpers, you are not to touch the dolphins as they, for some reason, will not return for the feedings.
It is only the females and they bring their babies in. The rangers and the helpers stand in the shallows and the dolphins
swim around them, take their fill and depart and the next lot come in.
It is a very peaceful spot, they have made it into a real tourist must see, I would recommend it for all to see.
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I swam with dolphins 2 times now, it is AMAZING! I can recommend it to everybody! All your stress just floats away, you feel relaxed. When they look you in the eye, it's like they are looking into your soul. When I got out of the water I felt "high", like I would fly away if I wouldn't hold on to something :-) The first time was in the wild, in Egypt, the second time was in a dolphinarium in Turkey.

I would love to swim or interact in anyway with dolphins, they are incredible creatures. Do you know they have been declared "non-human humans"? I've only seen them in the wild and at a dolphinarium.<br />
Kissed by a seal - lucky, "smelly" you!!! :)<br />

sorry Lorraine I should have said, yes, there are places you can swim with them, but I have only been to Monkey Mia. My husband and at another time, my sister were picked and they told them not to touch them, they could feel them brushing up against their legs etc.<br />
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That would have been hilarious, and I couldn't think of anything else that would smell so badly!!<br />
The smell of fish makes my tummy turn...LOL

Sounds so fun..yeah, I'd want a little pat too. I went to Sea world in Florida & was kissed by a seal. A big smackeroo that smelled like a dead fish. I laughed so hard at that seal. I think it laughed at me as well.Dolphins are amazing.

wow things have changed....I remember when the public were allowed to feed them and would even pet them