Fellow Crossdresser

Hi, I live in upstate New York, (just outside of Syracuse) I would love to find some fellow crossdressers. I have been dressing for a little over 40 years now, the wife knows but does not approve of it, so I have to sneak around. I have a litlle ove 30 dresses, well over 100 pairs of panties, all colors and styles. I just recently started going to the state land not far from my home dressed up. There are a lot of men who go there to get and give blow jobs. I started sucking **** this past summer, i love ***, been swallowing my own for a little over 10 years now.
lottsafun lottsafun
61-65, M
3 Responses Sep 20, 2012

Wow you almost sound like me. I've been cross dressing in 1 way or another for over 40 yrs. I also like eating my own *** I just had some earlier today at work. I don't have as many panties as you but I've got a fair amount.

I am in Fulton and a cd. Love to suck.

hi i live in liverpoool ny and am a cd as well email me lola7287@gmail.com