Dressing Up Feminine

dressing up with another crossdresser is the most erotic & romantic thing i have ever done.. .its so much fun to watch a transvestite putting on womens clothes especially if you are dressed already, watching them put on panties seeing the **** bulge, knowing they are aroused by the feeling of silks and satins and lace, they slide on stockings,and oh yes tying their corsets very tight and helping them put on a bra mmmmmm its all  so exciting, makes me aroused just thinking about it. we put on our lipstick, spray a little perfume, slip into our high heels and now maybe open a bottle of wine or smoke a joint ( if so inclined ) and get ready for a sensual evening of playing dress up.......i so want to be someones bondage barbie doll......dress me up, use me, make me *** & *** on me as we rub our panties together and slide our stockings against each other

tessa tessa
41-45, T
10 Responses Mar 18, 2009

You are just so hot!!

I dress for ME!...I do not dress to show off!<br />
<br />
I am doing what I should've been born to!

Love to go to Dressup Parties with other Gurls and Admirers. Almost like playing Post Office when we were kids.

I justs love your fantasy and would so like to share it with you. It would be so much fun

Ouggghhhh Tooo sexy I am hard

oh yes roberta it would certainly help us to be more feminine

Oh girl you talk so sweet and it all is so much fun.

oh sweeti , it is.... really fun

Mmmm,sounds like fun

U go gurls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!