Can You Squirt?

I have never been with a woman who could squirt. But i fantasize about it a lot.
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10 Responses May 13, 2012

I am squirter. First I saw this in one adult film and I was very impressed so I desided that I want this too. So I tried so now I squirt very often and sometimes a lot. It is great! So I believe that every girl can do it. Just need a little practice.

It's true any and every woman can squirt. I have many many times and now that I know how and my lover is amazing, it happens everytime, multiple times during lovemaking. It's amazing.

Yes, I can, its very intense! Awesome. I wish all women could learn how to :)

I love squirting it is so intense but it has freaked out some lovers in the past.

You can make any woman squirt!! There are tons of, 'how to' videos...practice makes perfect, go slow and tell her to let you know when you're in the right spot!

Me and my wife have been married over 20 years and just recently she has been able to squirt. I started trying to make it happen about 6 months ago and about 2 months ago it happened. Since then I can make her do it any time I is sooo erotic

I have only experienced 2 women who have "squirted" when they came... it was incredible!!! Very intense, very intimate.

I was engaged to a woman who did that every time.

Buy a water pistol for squirts.

I have never squirted yet and I am 31 and had plenty sexual activity, I have asked some of my girlfriends and all the same answer no squirts with them either.

Its all about the gspot :)