I Want A Girlfriend - Tips For Single Men Looking To Meet Women

1. Know what type of woman you really want to be with.

You can do what most guys do and just kind of take whatever you can get, or you can really sit down and figure out what you want to find in a woman. Trying to get a girlfriend by default is about the hardest way to go, and yet, it's the way that most guys end up meeting a woman. Knowing what kind of woman you want to attract will help you gravitate to the places she might spend her time at. After all, would you expect to find a non drinker hanging out in bars on the weekend?

Women are everywhere you go, so start making some conversation.

It's pretty easy to meet women when you have no problems with approaching a woman and starting conversations with them. For some reason, this seems to be a serious sticking point with a lot of men, and if you don't get past this... your options will be limited. Don't be the one that puts limits on yourself. Get used to seeing a woman and st walking up to her and starting a conversation. You don't need to be the super smooth guy with all the right lines, trust me.

merrel merrel
22-25, M
Dec 11, 2012