I Want To Become A Vampire!!!

how to become a vampire by ur own???

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i really want to become a vampire!!!! BADLY please.............

I was born as a vampire.

I want to tell you that some people don't know that they are vampires. If only you all know how to recognize a vampire........................... you might have a chance.

1. Do you have unusually pale skin? You don't have to be white to be pale. If yes then cook up one or two (depending on the size) medium rare steaks (the best way to do this) If, by the time you’re done enjoying the second one, you have a new pinkish colour throughout your body that you haven’t had in a while, read no farther; you are a real vampire. Humans can’t digest blood let alone get colour from it, real vampires do.

Are you extremely energetic at night but around the time the sun comes up become extremely tired?

Are you a slightly quicker healer than most, if not a much quicker healer?

Do you have an unusually high tolerance to alcohol and other poisons/toxins?

Do you tend to switch between very social and antisocial frequently?

Do you rarely get sick, or when you get sick does your body recovers quicker than most people

Are your six senses more enhanced than most other peoples, i.e. vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and intuition?

I want to become a vampire Help me please

I don't plan on turning into one until I see how my life ends up

You can't really become a vampire. It's just a legend or whatever you call it. But you can become a vampire in your dreams. :)

FALSE!!!! I am a vampire, I became a vampire in 2000 turned by my friend.

Help me .i want to bacame a vampire too

Please help me. Contact me at601-917-6143. Please

uh hey! Are you a real vampire? can i ask you some questions?

Ok so how'd your friend do it ??

Please will u turn me and if u will then please get back to me asap

FALSE!!!! I am a vampire, I became a vampire in 2000 turned by my friend.

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Wowww... This Whole Site is Amazing too Me in sooo Many Wayyz!!!.. juss Beautiful

I would LOVE to also. :)

You can't you need to drink a vampire's blood and die

i dont think thats true.. But you do need to drink a vampires blood as far as i know

fu@.... you all .nonsense ? this is the f@#.....@% thing i ever read . plz live in real world

hey im a vampire if you send me a ipad 4 ill bite you and give you powers

Please you guys stop!Please stop! You don't know who you are praying too I just want you to think before you throw your soul away so carelessly!

I hink you are giving people false hope. we all know vampires do not exist, come on you guys. Stop this. You are making people pray to someone who does not care about their souls, and you know of whom I speak. Dig deep and find your humanity! Not everyone wants to committ to Samel. AkA the god of darkness. I went to Catholic school and I know who he is. Samel is arameic for satan.

I am a vampire I had to swap blood with another vampire in order to become one I love my new powers

if anyone out there is a vamp come to my house [ address will not appear only if there is a real vampire] so i've been studying vampires for a year and maybe 2 years if i keep going so yea

Where do you live? I would love to make a documetary about how I became a vamp. I think you're lying.

i really do wanna become a vampire 2 !!!!!

Well..I know everything about vampires as I'm studying vampires for 5 years..I really want to become one..I know what they're going through..

I'm not what you would call very special or very attractive. I want to become a vampire so that I can do things I never could have done as a human. I'm young and I haven't really lived, but I think that if I was a vampire things might change.

i want to be 1 to

seriously how become a vampire without meeting one

i wanna become one too sooooo bad.

i want to become a vampire

tell me how to became a vampire in 16 years what things i can drink and eat with friends

Excuse me , but in my opinion, there aren't any vampires in the whole world. I do not believe in the vampires until I haven't seem them.

Vampires, Lycans, Dragons, Ghouls , or Demons and even Angels if u want to make life interesting y don't u come visit me :P I bet none of it's real so prove me wrong 1953 southern avenue.

No one wants to be a vampire after they change. All you see is the pretty, petty lies. No one realizes the pain vampires feel. To lose everything, their family, their friends, their lovers. Do not decide rashly, it could be your undoing,

Hello, I do not consider myself a vampire because I do not like to be, but if you want to know reality from / to a world unknown = (vampire), add me to hotmail and be very happy to answer the questions * * that I know answer and with much patience would you know a bit more about us.

A possible test to see that I am a vampire and judge for yourself, is that I was born on 14/07/93 at 00:00 pm and for myself transformed into "vampire" on 14/09/11 to the 1:44 pm.

The creedibilidad of science is completely false, there are things that exist and are never seen, until they believe.

My reality in this world is like yours, but from a different way and seen from a space-time with my eyes.

My email is

I'll be very happy for you to answer yes or no.

And if you want us to make friends, online, from this forum.


* PS: Please do not talk about this with anyone you do not like or that you observe your intimate secrets know.

hi my name is kimberly i want to be a vampire i dont like my life i always wanted to be a vampire and live with a family of vampire i live in a group home and i want to live with a family

Hi Kimberly
I will help you become a vampire. Just please read a few confessions first and think about and then tell me if you really want to become a vampire. If you do then tell me and I will give you a easy vampire spell that actually works. It does not require candles, a pentagram, vampires blood or anything really so let me know if you still want the spell and I will give you the spell.

Can you send it to me

Hello. My name is Jerry. I know the severe consequences of becoming a vampire, yet I am still willing to become a vampire. If you can, will you please help me out? I will greatly appreciate it.

plz help me plz i wanna become a vampire...i cant stop thinking about them...plz help me its my aim of life..plz

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i dont know but my teeth are geeting sharp dose that mean im a newborn vampire

I like you! ^_^ Your user name at least, So I'll tell you an easy way in a private message if you're interested. I only ask that you think SUPER hard before trying it. Read a few REAL confessions on here, before you decide you wanna be one. Do that for me, come to a serious decision, then PM me.

i want to be one bad soo bad i dont care i do

i want to no need to become one like now

I'm not what you would call very special or very attractive. I want to become a vampire so that I can do things I never could have done as a human. I'm young and I haven't really lived, but I think that if I was a vampire things might change.

Vemprs r long tym Dead sory

Vampires acctually do because i know one and im serious no joke i am one, im 586 but in june im 587 :D NO JOKE!

Prove it with a video then i will believe you.

r u serious????

really? please tell me you not joking. i wanna be one sooo bad.

I also wanna be one so please help me with it.

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um vampires dnt exist srry