Oh I Do!!

I have loved vampires since I was a child. But now I feel like its a fad and feel stupid for liking and wanting to be one. However, it's something you can't just not want! I think it would be amazing to have the powers that you see vampires use and they are always presented as these cool dark creatures with a sexuality about them that makes you long for them. There are differences in how vampires are shown though and the kinds of powers they exhibit. Twilight has vampires that I would not like be at all. They are just weird and twinkle in the sunlight. True Blood on the other hand has vampirism that is appealing to me for some reason.

If only it were true, I would love to meet one!
RedSkittle RedSkittle
3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

You would make the perfect food source... Asking to be bit

Haha. Completely agree. I've read some awesome books on them, tho. Those stories have intrigued me since I was very little. The fad thing is just a shame, but I'm not sure it's new, it might come and go throughout our history since we've thought about them. My favorite vamp movie: Interview With a Vampire. And I also like True Blood over Twilight.

i hate how vamps are now "fads" as well.. it realy sucks! lol, but, what happened to the realy vvampire?!?!? and what vamp is made of dimonds, sparkels, can go into the sunlight, and is a vegitariean vamp... its just unnatural.. i understand where your comenfrom about wanting to be one... i would love to be one aswell....