Endless Possibilities, But It'd Be The Coolest Experience

There are so many things that depend, I mean we've given so many different attributes to vampires from all of our variations on how we depict them. Do they have a soul? When they feed, is it just for blood or do they also feed on souls? That too has changed depending on the perspective. Even the manner in which they procreate completely changes from story to story.

However, I've had a curiousity in them since I was very young. First of all, even as a mere mortal, the thought of speaking to an elder such as a vampire, even one as young as 100 years old, but imagine speaking to one born thousands of years ago?? The conversation alone would be worth while. That would be someone worth listening to.

Of course there is an element of danger, but there's also a pride in getting to face that fear. Maybe even harness it. If the price is your probable demise, then you have to be willing to accept that.

Would I ever want to become a vampire? Of course it would be tempting... the mystical powers, the immortality... and then there's always the down side. Hell, I'm not sure I'd want to lose my soul... but then again I'm not sure humans really have any more of a soul than vampires do. So this is kind of a hard topic to be going around in circles with.

But I am very attracted to the power, the sexual prowess, even the need to hunt is a basic instinct. I think a very good movie to depict all of this was "Interview with a Vampire." And I do enjoy watching the tv series "True Blood." Seems that the vampire thing is very "In" right now. Well, I've never really put on a cape or a set of fangs ever, and I don't really do gothic either. I just enjoy reading some books once in a while and to watch those shows. I couldn't imagine it going outside of that. But if I were ever did meet a real vampire, I don't think I'd want to miss the opportunity to find out whatever I could. It would be too exciting!
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I love vampires ..and have ever since I was little so if you want to chat or anyone else wish to ..go ahead and msg me :) It'll be great to converse with others on this subject because I am very intrigued.

if you are a real vampire then you wouldnt mind explaining how they are like in real life now would you? : )

Don't go to New York... Just don't, humans. That city has no hunting laws

that's dope =)