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Real Vampires.

I am a real vampire. This is no joke im serious! It really hurts and burns like HELL when I go out in the sun. My skin is really pale-so pale some people call me 'the walking ghost'. I have cravings all the time and when I eat food it doesnt help but one time when my sister had come back from soccer practise and had a gash on the knee when I helped her I tasted the blood for some reason and it really helped. Now, I know some humans want to be a vampire, but posting it on sites and chatrooms is just really annoying for us. Being a vampire isnt very pleasant- I would know. So please, no offence to anyone here, give us a break!
Othera Othera 16-17, F 69 Responses Jan 25, 2011

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Hey ! Can we become friends ?

I am a werehippopotamus. During a lunar eclipse... I turn into a hippo. It is terrible, because I wake up in the grocery store after, having eaten the entire vegetable section... Very embarrassing.

i want to become one

i want to become the first vampire in the Philippines

please help me to turned in to a vampire


http:// watch?v=WtQh6Lq1RI4&feature=youtube_gdata_player

I think She's Real

please come to 206kathy circe and turn trinity nicks into a vampire please.


I know you are annoyed by all the questions but I guess some people think when they are vampires they will end up attractive looking or have powers I guess these are my words but I know all you end up with is a sensation for blood and hurt

Being human all you do is rape-gang rape-kidnap and torture and murder.

So being a vampire is unpleasant is it well clearly boy you're doing it wrong.

I really want to become one, I love drinking blood, I hate the sun light, and I feel like the dark is my friend. if I come by a vampire, I would like to know more about them.

are you a real vampire

i am very sorry that our curiosity is annoying all of you and i am very sorry that i would like to learn more about things that i will probably never get to meet in my life time.

if you are real i would love to meet you

I'm seriously wondering, when one becomes a supernatural creature (vamp, were, the fae), does something occur which causes you to lose any sense of proper spelling or grammar?


:D hahahaha

I just read a post that was very convincing. There will always be doubt, though. He states that he is one. He says that there's no "types" of vampires, but only the immortal one, and some other stuff that are very typical vampire stereotypes, that some other vampires state are not true, so that's why I have my doubts. I would appreciate if you shared your opinion as a vampire.

I would like to meet a vampire and... donate my blood too ...
Can you please tell me, how did you actually become one??

help me too :P

I like to help

ik its not cool my boyfriend is one you should see him om dates he really looks funny all covered up i don't think it helps much though

The vampire diaries is a tv show that comes on every thursday at 7pm on the cw its about two brothers named damon and stephon salvator who fall in love with the same girl ellana she is a doppleganger to katrina petrova and they have to save her from other vampires when she is foynd by clouse who uses her blood to make his hybrids and she ends up in the hospital where damons blood healed her and she got ran off a bridge by rebecca clouses sister and she told stephan to save matt first and she died and now she is a vampire and her brother is a vampire hunter qho is in love with a whitch named bonnie and they go after the cure and jeramy dies ellana turns her emotions off and burns her house doqn and she almoat killed matt and bonnie opened the barrior between this world and the other side and gets killed by trying to bring jeramy back which she does the end

I don't no any vampires that live in heber springs ar. so can someone send me one i have wanted to be a vampire since i was a little girl and nothing has changed please help me.

send me one too lol

I know you have heard this many times, but you please turn me? I have been looking for a vampire for 10 years now please I can't go in the sun anyway so no big loss for me my number is 806-220-3532

Do you know how it hurts???

It would not matter to me how bad it hurt. Just if I could become one. 10 years looking for a vampire and I still will never give up. This is something I would want over money.

Can you change me? Text me at 1-806-220-3532 very very serious about this. Can't go in the sun anyway do to problems so no big loss there.

I hate the sun so text me 647 738 5037 <3

giving your number will not help you. so please don't be stupid.
and don't risk your life. :)
stay happy and move on

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I wanna meet a real vampire, i wanna
Hear about ur storys

are u guys for real? u seriously think u are vampires?? u know, i know, everybody knows u are full of ****, but u still act like u are. wtf??

I am a vampire...this thing about the sun...well there is a blue stone that can protect you from feeling like burning....i know...we should meet and talk

Well if you are what you are. I would love to talk to you.

you mean like vampire diaries?

I have heard about it but i didn't read it....what is it about?

well vampires are turned by drinking the blood of a vampire and then being killed. the originated from an original witch. they have to wear these stones (rings, necklaces, etc..) to be out in the sun, the can compel people and the more you suck a human dry and essentially take their life force the more powerful you are

So you CAN walk in the sun ? How?

wow really?

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I want to be a vampire !

be careful with what you wish...

their are many fake people here..
be careful

I don't care what others say and think about vampires and about me. Saying and thinking doesn't make a difference. All I know is Vampires are compelled to do everything because of their instinct. In fact vampires are innocent. Now I have only one thing to ask....Is there a way to prevent this? I am different and I am bored.How and Why? Even after being human I can't stay out in sunlight for long. My head hurts and I become sick. I am unable to work. People around calls me a half.This is really annoying. This is enhancing day by day. Please tell me a way to prevent this or at least stop it from enhancing.any longer.

Find a vampire like me or others near to your neighbourhood...when you completely change it will be very helpful for you

You're not a vampire, but you may have heatstroke at times - which is serious! Stay hydrated and out of the sun

I'm a vampire....well half vampire I drink animal blood to quench my thirst it taste horrible but, I don't want to kill anybody. I can go out in the sun but I just don't like it, the sun is just too bright. When you humans talk about becoming a vampire it's not easy you have to give up everything and everyone you love. You think becoming a vampire means that eternal life, supernatural powes, or control over mind. Eternal life is true but who really wants to live older than the one they love. Think about it before you actually go through with it.

I'm half vampire too but when the urge hits me to drink blood I just ignore it and push it away.but it's
Not always easy.

Please turn me. I would do anything

If I want to donate my blood to you, how should I do it?

There are a few cites where you can leave messages and they'll let you help after you get to know them.

how did you become a vampire?

You don't become one really, you're just born that way. It's more of a spirtitual thing.

knock knock.. guess who..

how did yu become a vampire

I'm actually a big fan of Vamps

really? i am a vampire too