It makes me laugh you all want to meat a real vampire but then you say they don't excist :) Oh they do I am a vampire just looking for others I have a spell that turned me into a vampire it is " blood red Pail skin moonlight draw me in quench my thirst causing vanes let my body feel no pain" say it 10 times at night on a full moon :) any questions?
Stagvamp Stagvamp
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Really?I spelled it but it didn't work but not on full moon day.
What time do I need to spell it can u please tell me? :'(

Spells cannot make you a vampire, Only another vampire can turn you. And it is not as simple as be bitten, Sleep, Wake up as a vampire..


Hey does sun light hurt u and do u eat other people

It is a myth I can go in the sun light but I feed on animal blood I'm not sure if all vamps can go in the sun tho :D

Wait does that mean u eat werewolfs

That is because you used a stupid spell. Real vampires burn mate.

Hey, you're right around my age! :D Cool! Was it painful turning into a vampire? And do you have to be outside on the full moon to become a vampire? Oh, and are you immortal?

I'm not immortal it has to be a full moon and look at the moon as you say it the main thing is belief the spell would not work if you were doubting it

Okay thanks :)