Need Information On Real Vampires, Asap!

I've been dating this guy for quite a while now and he recently told me he was a vampire. first thing that came through my head was he wants to eat me but he assured me that he only drinks blood from doners and he said something about aura or something like that but i have no idea what he is talking about. i've researched the topic and im starting to believe him, but i am still not sure what exactly to believe, or think!!! I am 17 years old i am not an emo kid or a goth wanna be. I am mexican who hangs out with all the jocks pretty boys and prepps, so its not like Im obsessed with vampires to make this all up! Please help me.
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does he have fangs how long has he been alive how did he get that way can he change me? you need to ask for proof can he go out in the day time.does he speak like hes been here a long time is he wealthy does he live alone.

what kind of topics did u do. plus did u ask your boyfriend any questions about that. plus have your boyfriend show u any of his fangs to u yet.

can u plz tell u'r boy frnd <br />
i'm a donor

Not to put a stereotype on vampires but we usually don't hang out with preppy children. Yes,I say "we". any question just message me.

oh we got vampire .....

Feel free to doubt me if that is your wish but I am a vampire.

be real my friend
otherwise you will need a docter