I Know Vampires Here This About A Million Times A Day.

hi there my name is Karin and i would love to be turned into a vampire. i know if a vampire is reading this they here it about a million times a day, ( at least the ones that go online) i allready know the impact of such pain i am going to have to go through and i am ready to become a vampire, But. i am going to make an offer just to be nice if a vampire will turn me into one, i will be kind enough to offer this. if a vampire does turn me into one i will be your Servent for the next 200 years i know if a vampire is reading this i bet you are going to laugh. but i am 100% seriouse about that i will do everything correctly and not displease you. i allready know how much pain i have to go through at first and i am ready for anything. i live in the reno/nevada area ( if any vampires know were that place is or live there) i dont know if thats much of a vampire place but still. i am usually outside the front of my house at night from 8:00 PM- 2:00 AM so any vampires who read this and Accept my offer know how to find me. once more i am 100% seriouse and i will live up to my offer for the next 200 years. ( and i dont care of im not allowed back on the site after posting pesonal info gotta take risks to achive goals)
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LOL silly person, you can't be turned into a vampire, it has about a 2% chance of working, and even then you're still not a legit vamp. and vamps are immortal in the sense that they live forever. they just have many lifes, like past lives, and in that sense is how we are immortal.

omg bahaha, like, no, this is just too funny

well, good luck with this

Nicely put about our immortality. :) I give you props. We do not live forever in one body. As many things,should you believe in reincarnation,we have many different lives and with in those not all of which we are vampires. Every rebirth is a clean slate of which to make your own. Vampires live and die just as humans do. Should we not be killed we usually live slightly longer than a human.

You have no idea what your talking about.

You would give up everything!? Saying something like this is so dangerous, say you really were taken, what if the one to take you were to beat you? Rape you? You're only 13-15!

Please, please don't be so eager to throw away your life.

You also have no idea what your talking about.

I don't think you understand what I'm saying. I was talking about what if she got grabbed by some psycho pretending to be a vampire!

this is gonna sound mean but that would be pretty funny, but i hope it doesnt happen