When I Was Young

when i was 12 years old i seen a shadow of a lil girl walk by my bedroom door then a two years passed i turnd 14 i seen red glowing beedy eyes staring at me from my bedroom window a few nights after i felt a hand on my arm later two years passed again i woken up with a bruise on my right side of my chest and ive been hearing things alot but they stop
right after i look were they where comming from then two more years passed once again and ive woken up with a bite mark on my inner thigh and ive moand in my sleep is what my best friend laurel has told me when she was living with me and my mom back when i was 18
a few nights after ive woken up with a scar on my left arm but i dont really know what it was from same with the bite mark on my inner thigh and also ive been smelling different kinds of scents like flowers nd vanilla mixed at the same time, fruity purfume and vampire make up that you can only use on halloween and ive also been told by a few of my friends ive hung out with back when i was younger my eyes changed different colors and that my aura is a sertain color but changes with my moods so i honestly dont even understand what is going
on but when i moved in with my grandma and mom things kinda sorta stoped but i still get a feelings that someone is outside my bedroom window watching two months ago or something like it i seen some kind of shadow sprint from my neighbors yard or some sort but it was around sunset but the time i really dont even know what time it was when i saw it

someone tell me whats going on please one of my friends told me it culd of been a vampire thats following me and one thing is my protector Richard Jones whos a Pyshic Vampire knows it culd be one but someone please help
Serena19 Serena19
18-21, F
Sep 21, 2012