I Need Help! Fast!PLEASEEEEE

i don t have time to explain here..i need somene that i can trust! who will not lie..or play fiction on me...because if you do! i swear...when i learn more about this freakin thing is goin on with me i will kill you and will make you feel alot of pain! so...is there anybody who can help me find out why am i what i am? thank you! please!....i need to know...PLEASEEEE!!!!
myunghee myunghee
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 26, 2012

Hello, Well I think I can help you... I really like making new friends, Converse with people , My email is a_man006@yahoo.com if you need me :)

I'll help you

be careful what you wish for, you interest me but i do not know if i should help you.