Do You Really Want To Meet A Real Vampire?

4 Years ago I wanted the same thing as everyone reading this, I wanted to meet a vampire.
Back in early 2008 I started to do Rituals at first none worked so I gave up. A year later I noticed a change in myself, whatever mood I was in my eye's would change color ect.. Just last year I had noticed no change in me what so ever since the past 4 years, The only thing I noticed was I could see things before they happen'd, my mind could control whatever I wanted it to whenever! now I'm more stronger than ever! I'm trying not to give it to much information as its not safe to do so! Being immortal is far from you're expectations there's more to it than you think!!!!

I wish everyone good luck in there journeys! we are always watching!
ashley901 ashley901
18-21, F
5 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I like what u said a lot ty for that

So youre saying.. that youre immortal?

i have been searching all my life and my teeth r like vampire teeth thay r straight inline and im only 15

i have done the same think. i have been doing rituals and its started to work, but then stoped after a day.