Want To Meet A Vampire?

Ever since the late 1400 Vampires where dark dangerous creatures whom no one wanted to meet or even speak of, now everyone wants to be one? Speaking from experience original Vampires wont turn anyone unless there is a relationship between them both due to what happen'd in the past. If a vampire had to have a child that child will then become a vampire by the age of 13 fully grown but yet still in the learning process. My father was an original turning my mother hence the reason to me being a full grown vampire. You are in contact with vampires every day but never get the chance to ask them questions? now is your chance

comment or mail me if you have any questions and i'll happily answer them !
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Hahahahaha Vampires don't reproduce.

Hello would you be my Damon Salvatore

i would like to meet a real vampire, as it was my dream to meet one in the future