Hello...are You Out There?

Dear Immortal ones;
I want to talk to you. Not posers, fakers or role players.... Real honest to God vampires. I have a short attention span so I will get right to the point. So ..your a vampire? I would like to know. If your some kind of pervert though..forget it... to turn you off if your a weirdo.. I am fat I will tell you right off.. I am early 30's and I am a scorpio. Now that that is out of the way... I am a real person who believes in what others may not...cause I see stuff..... mostly in dreams. So I seek a friend. I am rough around the edges but its an act. I am honest and well... I think I seek answers but I don;t want to just be like oh here some questions now screw off ..no I want a friend. and answers... ok that is about the gist of it. Email me back if this email still works and you wanna talk. I can give you my facebook link. Hope to ttyl
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Vampires are basically my life,no,my dream!My whole entire life ever since I found out about them I have been obsessed even to where I might cry if I even see one acting like a vampire.I am also tired of everyone saying that they are not real and that I should give up on them,but the truth is if I had one wish it would be to be a pure blood vampire!I have also done a lot of research (well tried to),and well that just isn't enough.I really want to meet one with all of my heart....i have also tried spells,but they haven't worked in a year or two so,that's out of the question....…but back to the point! I want to meet one,be one,marry one,do whatever it takes to be surrounded by them and at least know one! I love them so much so here is my number: 4047964620


are u find any real vampire yet? because i want to find one too....


I'm a lot younger like really young I'm a tern but I'm a vampire.....

Teen not tern

How do you know?


Vampires are not "born" sorry to break it out to you so tough, But its the truth mate.

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