Don't Judge My Reasons To Seek, Its Not What You Might Think....

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I am not young, I do not wish my life away, I might be a tad bored with RL but look around and tell me one person who is not disgruntled at Global Warming and people that kill each other. I wish to talk to you only because of dreams I have had since age 11 (am 33 now) and natrual curiosity. And yes respect. I think older means wiser in most cases so maybe you have answers, adivce and yes I think you might be better than most. Does that mean I am right? Prob not, it means that deep down in me I must still have the ablity to belive that inside the dark can be light, and maybe my mind thinks this on a surface level. Vamps are making the news right now, does that make them real? No but then again when I was a child there were nine planets, one of which was Pluto. Am I a fam of Vamp movies, of course I am to the same appeal of any other romanticed fairy tale. Do I belive deep in my heart that there are things that even science cannot explain? You had better bet your last dollar I do, yet I war with my inner sceptic and want proof. Perhaps you feed a deep seated need to feel there is a tangible force that can protect, yet perhaps I need to prove to myself that this is all there is. Either way, I won;t judge you, now don't judge me for my reasons for seeking you out. Everyone does not fit in a box, and you don't know me or my heart. Maybe I just need some exicitement, or maybe all of the above, but I can promise its innocence. I would not hurt anyone, and I ask the same in return..friendship and honesty... all these things and more.... just want to know if your real...If you are real..not a role player..not an energy whatever ...not a gothic child.... then perhaps its all real and this is not all there is.. Or more to the point..... maybe I am just as real as you are, and you are just as real as me. Talk to me, please. Thanks (sorry spelling errors but hey I am human and my spellcheck did not pop up)
MeltedFlowers MeltedFlowers
31-35, F
Dec 7, 2012