A Life Close To Death

Hello to all vampires and anyone reading my name is Keenan Messina and I want to be a vampire, some people might think I am crazy for believing in the unknown, But my desire and belief runs deeper than just wanting to be a vampire because they look so cool on movies and television shows. I have had many near death experiences and I must say the feeling I get is exhilarating being so close to the unknown which is why my life long dream and desire is to surpass human limitations to go above and beyond the puny limitations god has set for us humans. Now if you are vampire you might be thinking this punk kid is just another dumb teen looking for a way out of his pitiful life who thinks once he is a vampire he will be able to do and get what he wants with special vamp abilities, the truth is I need to become a vampire to make myself feel right because all I can think about is ripping peoples heads off everyday I get this itchy feeling if someone upsets me or starts a fight, I just want to kill and suck out the soul of my victims. I say this with complete belief and a willingness to give anything to be a vampire even if I have to spend an eternity paying off my debts to any vampire willing to turn me, i live at , Cape Town, South Africa. Come if you want to I just might surprise you.
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I have looking for 10 years now for a vampire to turn me. There are things wrong with me that makes me hurt when I walk, I also can't go in the sun so no big loss there. Please I am willing to do anything, I will keep searching for as long as it takes or till I am dead. I can't hear so please text 1-806-220-3532

Guess you have watched too much movies of vampires. I admit vampire movies are funny. They make me laugh. But life isn't that easy. Once you become a vampire your instinct will control you. So think and decide.

I have decided but thinking about it won't change anything I would actually enjoy losing myself and letting out the killer instinct in me that craves blood.

Vampire is something more like a disease. It is termed a porphyria. It is not contagious. Even if the infected bites you. It is in fact a genetic disorder.The initial stage of this disease may can be controlled. But it still enhance itself. However in few cases the process remain incomplete. The Red and White Blood cells then reaches a stable condition. This is is the stage called Half(Quasi). In other words half living. As part of pentacle.org I had the chance to know about this disease and I came to know those who were infected.

Wow you sure know alot about this porphyria thanks for the info Max, i've learnt alot.


i would read the FAQ's on this website before you even consider giving out your address online. we don't like people asking us to change them so don't try and bother anyone in the forums, we don't even know how to change people, a simple bite doesn't work and if it did you wouldn't make the cut, simply because you seem too aggressive. this is not me being rude its me being honest i hope you will be happy weather or not you become a vampire. heck you might already be a vampire every vampire i know was born and so was I the website will help you with all information.

You are right. But it is the blood a true vampire which is required for the transformation of a human into a vampire. Am I right ?

honestly no idea ive never risked it, in the off chance my blood turns others into a vampire then i wouldnt do it. other vampires might know the ones i talked to seem to be convinced its impossible but im open minded about the idea.