Questions ?

Alright so Im kinda of a snooppy person and straight to the point so I've been researching vampires and Werewolfs for the past 4 years therereally intresting and I'm not lookin for anyone to "change me" which wouldn't be possible but to just get mabye a better understandin or knowing if I already am I one. Plz comment or message me. Thnx (:
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lets talk i am from the first true bloodline

Im sorry to disappoint you, We do not change people, We can but just don't. And we are not "born" or awakened at some point of our life, So you can't be one without being turned.

really because then what am i because i am of the first true bloodline you whelp of a wolf

"13 - 15 m" lolol k

what do you want to know?

I have been doing a lot of research also and I would like to be turned and I think you should probably look in virginia there are a lot sightings in that area