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I Want to Meet a Real Vampire

i know the risk. doesn't matter.  I want to meet a real vampire.  Faith tells me they are amoung us wether we believe it or not.  Now i want to meet u to feed my needs.


Jay3ird Jay3ird 18-21 130 Responses Jan 31, 2009

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how to meet the real vampire

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Ever Since I was 5 id studeyed vampires and know almost evrey thing about vampires I know the risk of becoming a vampire and I'm willing to risk it so if there are any real vampires out there plese tell me and I'll quiz you to make sure your a real vampire and if I think your a real vampire I will tell you were I live so you can turn me its always been my dream since I was 5 to be a vampire I live in florida and to know rest you have to pas the quiz

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R there any vamps tht need "supply" without the need to hunt?

Really now u can meet a real vampire where r they n y they not among us now

I would love to meet one ..:-)

What kind there are two of our kind. There are those who need blood and get it from donation (from the hospital, a personal friend, etc.) And then there are energy vampires who can drink blood but don't necessarily need it.

I want to meet one to but how?

Some of us have always felt as if we never belonged....

I Want to meet a vampire --plz


i want to be a vampire...plz


first off do you care how old this person is because i think that i can help you out

I want to really meet one no matter the age.

ok I might be 12 but I need to teach some jerks a lesson I WILL GO AT ENY COST

I can trick this site and hack computers

go on the real vampire website if you want to meet them , but first you will have to know how to recognize a real vampire.

i want to meet a real vampire plzz

Text me 660 351 2557 my name is Camilla

We can meet up and don't worry I won't bite

Are u a real vampire

Are you a vampire

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I also would like to meet and serve a guy vamp~ I'm a special person indeed but I'm not in the category of Vampire. <3

i have a faith in vampire i no its with us i want 2 be an vapire in my life

if somebody of you find a real vampire this is my email okey still waiting..

I'm something else entirely but I could try and help you find vampire friends... ~

plz help me too

What are you exacly

So....What are you?.

i loved vampires for years because they are so amazing ,yes they can bite , but i don't care if they do because i love vampires

You want to meet a vampire

I do

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Vampire's are much like humans they grow old. They are all around us. Yo just need to see it look closely at your friends parents brother sister anyone they are no different to you just we drink blood.

So you are a vampire? Do you mind if I message you some questions? :)

Sure shoot away

Prove that you are a vampire

do vampire exist in whole country??

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I want to become vampire someone vampire meet me plz

I wish I could meet a vampire..I think they're awesome

That's cool :)

Vampires are dangerous, darling.

Yes they are indeed

I find vampires fascinating, and would love to talk to one, hear another perspective on the world etc. Am I up for becoming a vampire or meeting someone? Respectfully no thanks, I'm simply curious (and anyone considering meeting up with anyone they've met online should do so with caution.) If anyone is feeling chatty though please say hi!

I really want to become a vampire can someone bite me plz

hey guys i want to meet too because i feel like them you know different from the others so actually i want to talk with them about the solution of the life , i mean exactly they know something to escape from this ******* life so respects for them ;)

hey guys i am not vampire but i really want to make a friend who is a vampire