I Want to Meet a Real Vampire

i know the risk. doesn't matter.  I want to meet a real vampire.  Faith tells me they are amoung us wether we believe it or not.  Now i want to meet u to feed my needs.


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i want to meet a real vampire plzz

I also would like to meet and serve a guy vamp~ I'm a special person indeed but I'm not in the category of Vampire. <3

i have a faith in vampire i no its with us i want 2 be an vapire in my life

if somebody of you find a real vampire this is my email okey still waiting..

I'm something else entirely but I could try and help you find vampire friends... ~

plz help me too

i loved vampires for years because they are so amazing ,yes they can bite , but i don't care if they do because i love vampires

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Vampire's are much like humans they grow old. They are all around us. Yo just need to see it look closely at your friends parents brother sister anyone they are no different to you just we drink blood.

So you are a vampire? Do you mind if I message you some questions? :)

Prove that you are a vampire

do vampire exist in whole country??

I want to become vampire someone vampire meet me plz

I wish I could meet a vampire..I think they're awesome

That's cool :)

Vampires are dangerous, darling.

Yes they are indeed

I find vampires fascinating, and would love to talk to one, hear another perspective on the world etc. Am I up for becoming a vampire or meeting someone? Respectfully no thanks, I'm simply curious (and anyone considering meeting up with anyone they've met online should do so with caution.) If anyone is feeling chatty though please say hi!

I really want to become a vampire can someone bite me plz

hey guys i want to meet too because i feel like them you know different from the others so actually i want to talk with them about the solution of the life , i mean exactly they know something to escape from this ******* life so respects for them ;)

hey guys i am not vampire but i really want to make a friend who is a vampire

ya mee too

It's nice if you meet vampire like edward cullen or any nice vampire like your imagination, how if you meet bad vampire ... You give your address and he kill you n your family that will be very very bad idea ... lol

Listen this gose out to all of u why would u want to this world nuthing but blood shed and endless wars that have gone on for decads . What makes u think u have what it takes to live in this world. U have the choice to live and grow old with the person u love. So i ask again why would u want to jeopardise that just to fufill a fantasy. Honestly do u have what it takes to take someones life evne though their not really living but they still have families and firends. Yall think its the coolest thing OPEN UR ******* EYES. Yall have this far feached belife about us. I bet none of u know the different families of vampirics. So why why do yall want to me us so badly cuz no sicens is goin to explain how we work i can granite that. So get this far feached so call reality out of ur head cuz yall have no idea about how the real world is. Its funny cuz back when my father. Gabrile was roming the earth we actully lived with humans and they actully completely knew about at one point but ofcours we migrate and evolve but we never forgot about back then hell there where a lot of firends that where human that fought on the front lines with us when we where goin through the blood war which yall call it the holy war now. All i am saying is just stop ok if u feel different and u feel like u dont belong to this world then u might be one of us probably in a different bloodline. But tgats not the point the point is curish what u have in this life and stop looking for reason to escape it cuz all its goin to do is get wores for u if u cant realisze what and who u really r dont dubt ur self be sure of ur self.

Nice speach you almost had me going but I think that a vamp would have better spelling and a better vocab you sound like a 15yo who is trying to sound like one and I might have believed you had you been better with words

good luck people i wish you find a vampire who is willing to turn you in to one...

*****I see all these comments about people wanting to become a vampire... I'm not a vampire just to let you know. But before you wanna be's want to become a vampire... Why don't you think about how your life will be... You won't be able to see your family or friends cause you can't put them in danger... Are you guys really that self centered to give up your family and friends just to be turned... Yes I believe in vampires... Have I met one no. Would I like to meet one... Yes I would... Only to talk to them about how it was for them... How life was back in the day... How life is now for them... If this fact or myth is true or not... All you non vampires just want to be turned so you can live forever right? Well have you ever thought of the guilt you guys will carry on for the rest of your lives... Or is it because you guys feel like you don't belong... Just answer me on that... I have no disrespect for anyone... But seeing comments like Please turn me... Yeah that bugs me... There are actually people who want to sit down and talk even if it has to be another way to talk... But to talk to a real vampire to know things... To know how their life was before they turned... Just to know... And I would like that very much... I would just like to know about things... But that will probably never happen because they may think that I want to be turned... And that's not what I want... People who say I want to be turned probably have ruined this for people who want to know... And that is me... I just want to talk and learn that's it....

I agree with u dear!!

I am a sang.......what you would call a vampire
Its the worst life ever you wouldn't want it seriously
Its not romantic or special or nice ...its lonely, painful and miserable.

I've seen vampires I'm looking at one as I message this. You will never meet one bc we don't wana be found just drop the subject u must live life. I wish I had a choice.

I would truly give anything to meet and talk some things over with a vampire I truly would please 318 four five three o854

i also want to meet vampire just once...i just want to know... why they are all different from us(normal human beings)

same here

Y'all are adorable.

i am human, nothing special about me. i wish to meet a vampire, so i can be fed from, and turned to a vampire


I wish I met a vampire for what I have read in books is that they are dark mysterious and sensual they are very attractive and catches your attention but all of that is in stories of paranormal romance I really do wish there was vampires but sadly there probably isnt

i want to meet real vampire ,, Is there anyone help me ??

Chances are you've at least met one in passing before. We look just like everyone else, and the more we feed the better we fit in

You must be mad

Hello, my name is Katherina Deangelis. I am originally from Translvania and in my culture witches, werewolves, and vampires exist. My great great grandmother had an aunt and she was a witch and believe me or not but witches and "spells" do exist. Well she was a witch and she said it was possible to become part of the "demon family" also known as vampires or any supernatural being but it does include dying and being reborn and some people have doubts on that, also there's a true story that in 1436 in Romania vampires existed and they drank blood as a living, one vampire lived up to 100 years of age until a "demon hunter" or "vampire hunter" killed him. Vampires can still exist now because that one mans blood could be transferred to anyone else. Strange things happen in this world and stranger things happen everyday. If you don't believe me, well that is your problem but I have come here to say my part of my story.

is that thuth?

din ce oras esti ? xD

Are you saying the truth for real? coz I'm really dreaming of meeting supernatural creatures like vampires & werewolves even witches..

dangerlovewolfs your not a vampire you wish you were but your not...vampires are not real..i 75 i started lookin when i was 13 that was my life...but now when i look back i wish i could do some thing nice in life like have kids see my kids have kids but now its to late stop what your doin and start livein chrisy out

why doesn't your profile reflect this? Also, wow, what a way to waste your life

Well Vampires are real. But they are not like what is shown in movies. In some cases it is more like a tragedy. It is infact a genetic disorder which causes this vampire disease. Life isn't easy for a vampire.

I don't think it's genetic, that sounds highly speculative. True it isn't easy to live with the hunger though.

Heard about porphyria. It is termed to be vampire disease.It completely changes the Bio-chemical content of human body. Due to this disease the blood faces the lack of oxygen content. The white blood cell goes on increasing. The patient must stay in shadows. They can't touch garlic. Because it chemically react with their skin and blood.This disease is not highly contagious but it may can be transmitted through blood. If anyone injects the blood of patient (infected) in their own body then the possibility of getting infected rises.Sometimes it is also inherited from birth. Those who inherit this from birth start to face the symptoms from 16-17 years. There are also some infected ones whose infection remain incomplete.However there are a lot more to I am ending here.

Not the same as real vampirism at all, but likely one of the conditions that lead to the classic vampire myths.

Yes that's right they are not like what is shown in movies.They are innocent. I have been dealing with such cases of vampires since 2006 ,April 7 as a and only successor of The fact about their immortality is unclear but there is still a possibility. Although we could not explain the reason of immortality in a scientific way. But I and we have observed few cases that patient disappears after their infection becomes complete. There are also several infected ones whose transformation is incomplete. Their cells then reach a stable condition. They are termed to be Half(Ouasi). Which means half living. Several of them(Halves) died.The blood of human (mortals) take their possession which lead them(halves) towards death. And This is the reason of their death I say to console myself. That this was a mishap.

I doubt its genetic. I understand coming from a human.

That's right it's a genetic difference that makes someone a vampire. Even after that the human qualities of the gene remains almost the same.Which means the infected one will also bear the DNA and blood characteristics of their ancestors even after the transformation(awakening) is complete.

So if Vampires don't exist then what about ghost? I have seen many a ghosts several of them were indeed in contact with Vampires while they were alive.

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i have never seen a vampire all my life and i am here in fort mitchell alabama