I Wish....

I wish that vampires were real but, unfortunately, I know they're not. I used to think it was a possibility that they were, but I, also unfortunately know better now. 

I've always loved vampires... ever since I used to watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," but I became obsessed with them when I saw "Interview With A Vampire" & then started reading Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" a few years ago. Since then, I've read Laurell K. hamilton's Anita Blake series, & am now reading Kim Harrison's "Hallows" series, among other vamp books (Bram Stoner's "Dracula", etc).

If I could bring any vampire into the "real world," it would be Lestat from the "Vampire Chronicles." Anne Rice is such a brilliant writer, she just makes everything so real & tangible. Lestat (& all the other characters) seem as if they could be real people (vampires, I should say). They're just awesome. Of course, if I could make vampires real, I would make them un-dangerous. Maybe like the vampire from the show "Moonlight" that was cancelled (though it shouldn't have been). Or, like Lestat, they would only hurt "evil-doers." I really like the idea of that. Our world would be much less crime ridden if we had vamps around to get read of the a$$holes.

It's just such an awesome thought. It would be amazing if they were real, & if I could meet one. The closest we have to real vampires outside of fiction, though, are those psychopathic people who actually think they are vampires.

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I live in branson mo. ill help

Well Vampires do exist. It is termed to be a sort of disease called Porphyria. But there are other hisories as well. It is preety hard to explain about the origination of Vampires cause it varies but I think it is easy to say that vamperes are originated trough evolution of living or the dead.

Other than porphyria, Actual vampires do exist, But not like the vampires hollywood makes them out to be.

Yes I know and...you're right. Vampires are not like what is shown in movies or told in stories.
I have been saying exactly the same thing.

That picture scared me at first lol. I have my real pictures on this site, but I don't let just anyone see them-- just people on my friends list. I don't really have a problem with the way I look, I just write a lot of personal stories & I don't want anyone who may know me in real life seeing my picture & realizing it's me, even though I know there's not much of a chance of that happening. Then I'll become self-conscious about what I write lol.

I completely agree with you, MarkusGP.

no, just your heart.

I know what you're talking about lol, & they're the people I was talking about at the end of my "story." They're not real vampires, just human beings who practice a certain lifestyle & call themselves vampires because of that.

If you don't mind me arguing. Vampires are real but not in the sence of Buff the Vampire Sla<x>yer of Interview with a Vampire (witch I also read). It's more like a life style. Here's a website I suggest reading through. It might be helpful if you still want to meet a real vamp.<br />

I am one! So now you know one! yeah Ann Rice is a brilliant writer.

randy182!! haha!<br />
I love fiction, the Anne Rice series especially. Also Forever Knight; Kindred: The Embraced; The Lost Boys... I feel like this next dissent may yield more hate mail than my political or religious comments have as of yet: I didn't like the movie Twilight so much. Wimpy as far as vampire story. Even pretty wimpy for a teen angst/love story. Some cool special effects buuut that's it.

Check out "Payday loans" there's a plenty of them there. The glass windows have UV protection on them. ~_^

And I want to visit Middle Earth and live in Frodo's house. Head-bonks be damned. Or where the elves resided along the river in Rivendell. I used to know of a way to get there, but I haven't had those tabs in a looong time....