Asking Friends' Opinion On Real Vampires

I ask the people I hang out with at school about what they think about people being real vampires. They said they think they're crazy. I just thought that's just ingorant. I live in fresno witch is out in the middle of no where and I want to go back to Los Angles where I grew up. I dought that theres vampires in Fresno where a lot of closed minded people live. I'm sure I'll meet a vamp in L.A. but not here where a lot of idiots live. I'm sure like anyone else vamps want to live where there is a higher chance of being accepted. Vampireism is a life style. Real vamps are for sure not like what you find in books or movies. They don't kill their donors or take blood without permission.

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1 Response Aug 19, 2009

I like to know there are some 'normal' humans open-minded. I'm a real vampire, not sang, but psy-vampire.<br />
I hope your 'quest' in meeting a real vamp turns out ok.<br />
<br />
if you want... has a lot of american real vamps. some of them may be from LA! =D

Many Aussies on that site?