I Am A Real One

I drink blood, especially by frightened men. Their problem, if they cannot understand my sense of humor and what is what - but I really have vampire teeth and drink blood.

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12 Responses Nov 3, 2009

Ur at just another stupid human posing as one of us

so uh..liar. ur a lair.

You smelled troll too, huh.

From a mile away.

It's starting to irritate me.

You're right. I'm starting to think it would fun to show these irritating little eyesores what it's like to **** of a real ******* vampire.

He's not special, and i'm not putting up with attitude from mouthy little twits any more.

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i want to be a vampire turn me and i will have a gift in return

Oh no, another who wants to be turned..

Be careful what you wish for...

Realy? well can u help me coz im scared and i need all the infomation about this as much as possible

Hard to control depends on how you use your mind or if you are used to such power

i am a vampire but i am in the awakening stage and it seems so hard to control my vampire self

i am part vampire email me at delighlavampire@gmail.com

Sacred is me.

Don't you all get that sacred. I am not that mad. I mostly always test how mad everybody else IS lol. MANY MAD THERE TRULY IS. <br />
I am here for entertainment. <br />
But am most of the things I say FOR TRUE.

wow this hole vampire thing. i truely wonder if any of it is real like i know that some people have a deficiency which means they need to consume blood or have blood transfusions but i have not seen any evidence to the actual existence. I truely would love to have contact with a true vampire if the phenomenon were real. <br />
<br />
Best of luck to you all and have a lovely evening xpxp

I'm a true Elysian vampire.

I'd like to meet one if it were Brad Pit..... He could bite my neck all night long...Still can't get that scene out of my mind in, Oh, shoot... i forgot the name of the movie..

i would love to meet one as well you know..