My Time With An Amazing Female Shaman

I have received shamanic healing just twice in my life...from an amazing Peruvian-trained shaman named Ana Larramendi. She worked with me on soul retrieval (parts of my soul which had split off and departed from me during various traumatic experiences beginning in childhood), past-life regression, grief work (during which I sobbed and howled from a place inside myself I can't begin to define, a sort of subterranean lake of old pain, I was not awake yet not asleep as I wrenched out these visceral, ferocious, feral, drawn & quartered tears, as Ana held me, seeking to guide me safely, and yet what I saw and touched there was so excruciating, a wall of ice water splaying all life out of me, so she had to ease me up and to a safe place so she could guide me through in a softer, gentler way...and there was more, much more, but what I remember feeling after both sessions was the most extraordinary of all, and the only thing on this planet I can compare it to is this, the scene in "Interview with a Vampire" when Louis wakes up to his new vampire self...and everything in the night around him has come to statues open their eyes and smile, and I hear like an animal, a hooting owl, the rustle of rabbit, the last caw of a crow, all of it sounded so different somehow, so alive inside me, so preternaturally and inextricably alive in me, and everything is glistening, and the energy from my body pulses all around me, and I have no fear...Alas, I would see Ana more often, but I am poor of money, and have no means...and yet, of every hour of therapy during the past twenty years, only a fraction I healed therein, so it wasn't until Ana that the real work began. The real work, the real healing, and an opportunity to brush up against the most profound of miracles, the Light we all seek, its unknowable Love ~ this is what Ana has given to me...
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Please, could you let me know how I can get in touch with Ana? I am in great need of personal healing.