It Is A Goal - No, More A Dream Of Mine - To Become Good Friends With A Tg Person.

I am one of the biggest sympathizers with the Transgender community. Ever since I first learned of the idea (that a person might not actually be the gender they were "designated" from birth), I have thought it to be the most wonderful thing in the world. There's nothing more courageous and beautiful than someone achieving their full potential as a human being and becoming that which they truly are. :)

I am perfectly happy being the woman I am, and I consider myself to be pansexual because I feel that true love transcends the body and the gender. I feel that this is a notion those associated with the LGBTQ community understand a lot more than the average heterosexual. (sorry a bit of a tangent there!)

Way to go! ^_^
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Good on you!

I think we all can say a Great big Thank You. I suppose a hug would even be in order. XoXo Stephanie

I'm am a pre-T trans and am glad to see a non-trans who accepts trans people. I have found that even within the LBGT community that there is a great deal of discrimination agains the T part of the community and especially against FtMs. So it's nice to see some sympathy towards us. Thanks hon.<br />
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definately true, true love is blind to gender

I love your enlighten view, you are a sweetheart!