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It Is A Goal - No, More A Dream Of Mine - To Become Good Friends With A Tg Person.

I am one of the biggest sympathizers with the Transgender community. Ever since I first learned of the idea (that a person might not actually be the gender they were "designated" from birth), I have thought it to be the most wonderful thing in the world. There's nothing more courageous and beautiful than someone achieving their full potential as a human being and becoming that which they truly are. :)

I am perfectly happy being the woman I am, and I consider myself to be pansexual because I feel that true love transcends the body and the gender. I feel that this is a notion those associated with the LGBTQ community understand a lot more than the average heterosexual. (sorry a bit of a tangent there!)

Way to go! ^_^
idreamofaliens22 idreamofaliens22 18-21, F 7 Responses Nov 21, 2010

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It is so nice to see an enlightened person ...someone who accepts that we are all uniquely different from each other. if only there were many more like you with an open mind and heart. As you, I am perfectly happy being my own person, someone who was raised from an early age to appreciate being feminine and girlish. Now, just a few months out of my teens and still living full time as a girl (at least from an outward appearance), I am just beginning to explore the wonders of dating ...on both sides of the fence. I am finding the person, not the gender, is what truly rocks my world. Would you like to be friends?

Good on you!

Will you marry me? i"m transgendered.

I think we all can say a Great big Thank You. I suppose a hug would even be in order. XoXo Stephanie

I'm am a pre-T trans and am glad to see a non-trans who accepts trans people. I have found that even within the LBGT community that there is a great deal of discrimination agains the T part of the community and especially against FtMs. So it's nice to see some sympathy towards us. Thanks hon.<br />
<br />

definately true, true love is blind to gender

I love your enlighten view, you are a sweetheart!