I Met A Tranny (same Story In Another Group)

I am female. I met with a tranny in the hotel. I did not know she is not a woman even until she fondled me in her room. We were twisting in the bed and getting horny. Finally I found she has an extra thing between her legs but too late to stop the game.

When I talked to her, I did not know she was not a woman. When she touched me in her room, I did not refuse her. I thought she was a bi woman too or les. She talked about her hubby's cd/sissy things as well as I told her about my hubby but I did't not she is the hubby.
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If it felt good, then what's the harm? No harm, no foul!

thank you

Sounds like it was a good time ;)

Hmm seems like a good experience... How about sharing more of it,......

Read my another story. I put more details there.

that is very interesting. I would love to hear more about what happened next<br />
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