I've Always Wanted A Transgendered Friend

I would like to have a friend thats transgendered.I would be very interested in getting to know them as a person and just be a great friend to them. I think it would be very fun and interesting to have a transgendered friend. It would be different for me and would love to experience having a friend that is transgendered. :)
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I am a m-f pre-op transsexual. I'm in need of a good friend

I would not call myself transgender out of respect for those that are. I'm a professional hairstylist and makeup artist who also is a part-time Lady's maid. For my special Lady friends, I do their hair, makeup, nails, and dress them for their dates, while dressed as a proper maid. Would love to become your friend, my Lady. *curtsy*

I am trangender and would love to be your friend!

A wonderful ideation Bitterrsweet. Myself, i fall under the transgender umbrella which includes among other identities, cross dressing / transvestite. My persona has two sides. A very soft feminine side that addresses my cross dressing / transvestite identity, and my masculine side which accomodates my public and professional life identity.

In my private life when adopting my feminine side while cross dressing i also adopt behaviors and practices of a female which now comes so naturally to me. During this wonderful feminine time my primary objective is to rid myself albeit temporarily of my masculine side so that i can feel as though i am the feminine lady i aspire to be. I also embrace sensuality with my feminine persona for completeness. The joy of dressing femininely is the greatest exhilarating thrill for me which rewards me with gratifying contentment. For me it is now a very normal and easy transition to make. I have also given myself a feminine name to go with my transgender identity.

It would be a privilege and an honor to be considered as your transgender friend and share all the interesting things that comprise my transgender identity and all matters in common to us.

In conclusion, my heterosexuality has not been compromised despite my transgender transformation.

With kindest regards,


You are an amazing person! I accept you for who you are! I would love for you to be my friend! :)

We all need like minded friends....count me in ladies. :)


I am lucky to find ur post and glad to see that there are people who are open to cross dressers and transgenders...its great ,

bdw I am a cross dresser and lookin for some friends specially gals whom I can share ma feelings n experience .. after all its a girly thing.. :)..

aww thats nice!..& i could be your girly friend lol

aww... thank u so very much , m lucky to have you :P


I think you have a wonderfully open mind! I am a transvestite...and would be happy to be your friend!

thank you & i would love to be your friend as well! :)

I think I have the same shoes! lol

I'm not trans gender but cross dresser but ;like your openness

I've always wanted a cross dresser friend as well! :)

Well the world needs more understanding people like you.

aw thank you :)

I had a very beautful transgendered friend she was wonderful she moved away due to her job and I miss her every day!