Why Am I So Confused

I dont believe im gay, Ive never like boys.. but I am in love with a transgender girl who I used to go to school with and play with. I knew her as a boy and watched her change through school. I dont know why but it just fascinating to me.
I see and hear my friends talking sh*t and i cant stand it! I wish i knew what to do, I want to tell her and defend her but Im scared too.
I dont know what my feelings mean but I look at her a a girl not a boy, but I love her and I want her
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2013

You see her as a girl right? it doesnt actually make you gay.

And as for your friends, if they respect you as a friend, they would respect your decisions and if theyre to ditch you for something as little as your choice on who to be with, maybe theyre not such good friends after all.

At the end of it all, its what makes you happy that counts

Hey, it's normal to love and have doubts. Maybe there's not much time to wait, cause circumstances may change, so go and speak about your feelings. The worst thing that can happen is she'd reject you, but you don't know her reaction for sure. Otherwise you'll stand by her, and you both will cope anything you'll have to face.
You like her, and that's all you have to know. It's not necessary to know what is the exact thing you like. Love is unconditional.
Keep calm and have whatever you want ;)