Still Hope To Meet A True Friend

I never had a true friend. I thought that in order to have a friend I should be one, so I tried to reach out to people, tried to help them when they needed it the most. After some time I understood that those people didn’t appreciate me, they just simply took me for granted. Of course I forgave them for treating me like that, but I still long for a true friend, who would always be there for me. Despite a few unpleasant experiences I still have hope that someday I will meet such person.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

Your well Understood seems people tend to take kindness and sincerity for a weakness instead of appreciating it.. Ive recently dropped all of the so called friends ( you know the ones who want you when they need you but don't appreciate friends) because its a real toxic lifestyle hopping that they will notice your sincerity while selling your self short because u care for them..seems loyalty respect and true friendship are forgotten about especially in our generation, but although its tough to deal with remember time heals so take some time for your self (What I'm doing ) and focus on you and what it is that makes you happy sooner or later you will find and recognize that 1 true friend who will always be true to you.. I know exactly how you feel so I'm here for you if you ever want to talk or need some one to listen to you. :) have a wonderful day.<br />
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Ps. Thanks for shearing this experience :)