Are There Any "TRUE Friends" Out There Anymore

I thought I had a true friend and all she done was talk about me behind my back and tell every thing I had told her in confidence! I would love to have a true friend!
southernblueeyedgirl southernblueeyedgirl
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i know exactly what you are saying. recently, my best friend betrayed me and i realized my"friends" were just using me. i am heartbroken. i dont think that they even know the meaning of the "word". i thought there is no such thing as "friends"."friendship" is the biggest lie ever. i really want to meet someone who will change my this thought.

im 18 years old and have been hurt by all almost all my best friends..most recently:<br />
<br />
1) ditched a prom<br />
2) drove to c a friend who was home from college; but then he decided not to hang out with me.

if you want then we can be true friends.

That what u call being fake and I hate a fake person. That mean she was not your friend from door. A friendship should have trust if y'all don't have that it is nothing else to build because they always talk behindvyour back you need look for people like me that keep it real at all times and don't talk about my friends if I have something to say I tellbyou not the world and that a real person who be there and don't put you down

Wonder if we had the same friend?