True Friend


Some cross your path

Some walk with you half way

But the True Friend is there all the way

He is like a diamond in the desert full of sand

He hides no secrets and speaks truth unto his friend

She offers shoulder when the times are very sad

And share happiness and laughter with her friend


That’s how you know when you have a real friend.




luda123 luda123
5 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Thank you guys. Thank you so much so much! ♥♥♥

I am glad I followed Datura here...she is like the north star to lovely posts.<br />
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Luda, thank you for the reminder of what friendship can be and should be.

Very well stated, Luda. There is nothing more precious that a friend like you have described.

My defintion for a true friend is some one who will not only meet you half way but 100% I treat my friends with respect and revere them as a gift. Theres a story I'm sure we all have read. The foot prints in the sand, that gives the meaning of what a true friend is all about. This is what I live by and exspect the same from my friends. If you want to read the story Foot prints in the sand. Google it.

And i believe there is one out there for everyone I hope :)