My Life As I Know It!

life as I know it has always been strange to me! I have always been strange to me! I have theses weird dreams but I am not me and its another time! I dont know where I belong and I feel a strong power within! I dont know where it comes from! I wish to find myself someday!
ambershaze ambershaze
31-35, F
3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Nice that, we are all full of great potential [power]....and you're right that we need to find where it best translates in our lives!...jb...I hope you will find that place...within yourself, very soon!...peace!

wth hell happened it want let me login

It happens to me,

rather meeting a vampire,please meet God first your creator Who knows you better than knowing were created in God 's image,your above not beneath,special,fearfully and wonderfully made,if you can't take yourself serious no one will take you serious.we need spice up ourselves,don't wait for another day,find yourself now.remember your life depends in you.start shaping your life,life and death is in our tongue.where your is ,it is where you are RISE N SHINE and see yourself the way God sees you!