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now that would be my alternate goal to have a woman friend that loves a man who cross dresses. i can't even think how great that would be and feel. i know one thing for sure i/we would have the greatest intimate relationship that would be beyond comparison. wow what a thought.
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3 Responses Jul 18, 2010

It was a dream of mine as a kid unexplainably drawn to my moms clothes; and something I never though would happen. I did happen for me, I found an amazing woman who supports, encourages, and loves it when I dress up. She sees me as me, regardless of what I'm wearing.<br />
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Our deal is that she gets veto power of clothes etc. This works for us, and my wardrobe continues to grow.

Absolutely true. The one thing almost every crossdresser wants more than anything is for a woman to enjoy it when he is all dressed up.

Surely there are some women out there that would enjoy playing dressup with a crossdressing man. I wish I could find one.