Discovering An Attraction To Cross-dressers

((This is a repost of an early comment that I put on BizSuitStacy's earlier story but I thought it introduced me well. New to the Experience Project, sorry for any mistakes))

I’m attracted to the sexual bodily functions of a man and women together but not the domineering or gentlemanly personalities that most men portray. At times, the softness and grace of a woman can leave me weak in the knees and I can’t seem to stop staring. It’s so sexy! Some of my friends suggested that I might be a lesbian which confuses me because I’m not turned on to the thought of having sex with women.

I’m toying with the idea that I am interested in cross-dressing men. I was watching “To Wong Foo” last night for the first time with some friends when I found myself extremely attracted to Vida Boheme, Patrick Swayze’s character. He was so feminine…yet still with the “right” equipment for me sexually. I know that Hollywood is NOT an accurate description of what real life is- I’m going to have to branch out from conservative Arizona to explore more of a cross-dressing relationship. But I’m glad that I found accounts from real people such as you to explore more of the possibilities. Got any suggestions as to other groups that I could look at? Thank you for your time.
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have you found anyone yet

Care to chat further about this?:)

I got one sooo they are out there good luck!

If you want to find more groups about cross dressers here on EP, just look at the experience groups already joined by one of us and our friends. Good luck!

yes I've seen the film too and thought it was great lol. I hope you get to find love on here as you deserve it. I know that there are a lot of women who would love someone like you and its great that your speaking out. I was involved with someone who was a cross-dresser but he did nothing but cheat on me so I'm never going to allow anyone close again, he's wasted his life as I was willing to move to another country to be with him but he's the one who has lost out not me. If you do get someone I really hope you let us know about it and I really hope that you find the perfect partner for youself. hugs.

Hey there!<br />
I tried to add you but it told me I can't add? I'd like to become friends and get to know you.<br />
Count me in as a fan of yours as well!

First, I've seen your story about the grad work you are doing. It sound worthy and satisfying. Congratulations!<br />
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Second, your comments about your interest in crossdressing men is probably reflective of an openmindedness that probably serves you well. I think the Patrick Swayze character is really pretty accurate in many ways with the exception that most men who crossdress don't have Hollywood's help and looking convincing.<br />
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It continues to amaze me that in a society which has become tolerant of many alternate life styles, so many seem troubled by the crossdressing phenomenon. Crossdressers are overwhelmingly heterosexual. Most are rather conventional in both career choice and day to day choices of clothing. Surprisingly, some display a greater sense of style in their feminine sellection than they do in their masculan attire. While I believe most mature crossdressers do it simply because they enjoy their look in feminine clothes, their are titilating aspects that likely will never totally go away. Few are married to women who really enjoy the crossdressing and many women who are accepting seem to lose their tolerance at some point. <br />
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For me, I wish I could dress at home with my wife as we go through our weekend or evening routines - making supper, talking about the day, having cocktail and watching TV. For a while in our early time together, my wife "seemed" to enjoy my dressing. But as I got better at it and trimmed down through a more active exercise routine, she seemed to grow less comfortable. I will dress in completely feminine clothing, with a wig, some jewelry and high heels. I do not wear makeup or shave my body. I generally wear clothes that cover body hair and I wear two pairs of hose that conceal leg hair effectively. So I can look pretty feminine although I would certainly not pass as a woman. Nevertheless, my wife got kind or resentful of how well my clothes fit and how skilled I had become at negotiating in high heels. Not really unpredictable the way women have been conditioned to compare their looks.<br />
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Some of the differences between men's and women's bodies actually make it often easier for a physically fit man to look better in some styles than a mature actractive women. A slender and fit woman still has broader hips than a man. In tighter, form fitting outfits that emphasize shape women are often self conscious of their hips. Most crossdressers would tell you they wish their hips were wider for the fashions they covet and some men use padding to simulate broader hips. I do not. I wear a body shaper and a bra (36B) with silicone incerts. I do not try look buxom, just somewhat shapely.<br />
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This is some background. While I think the majority of crossdressers are pretty normal in many ways and are wonderful partners and husbands, the best of them would probably never tell you they crossdress. You would be better off chosing your partner for all the things you like about him as a man and if you want him more sensitive and softer in his approach ask him to do that. If he is open to wearing feminine clothing items you may have some genuine fun together playing "dress-up."

Hi Solarlioness - this is a great approach to making friends with CDs here on EP. Count me in a your fan!