Straight heterosexual male (wish I was female though..always have) who is tgirl curious and an admirer.
Have crossdressed for as long as I can remember..love silk lingerie,sexy p.j.'s, restrictive clothing - fantacies include full feminization, being sissified, maid, tightly permed and corsetted. I love 50-60's fashion ,when women were women.
I don't have the freedom to take photos at present, have been deep in the closet all my life.Dream of the day when I can have freedom to express myself more...be patient with me please
Probably couldn't really transition ( wish I could) but I love to dream about living female but frustrated it will never happen for real..love the freedom here to express my thoughts.
Living in Canada near Toronto.
Being very sincere with my thoughts hope i'm not freaking anyone out. I am over 50 btw.
Interested in learning from all of youand experiencing all I can
Jill67 Jill67
51-55, M
1 Response Apr 20, 2012

Get a cheap camera with a timer like I did for all my pics. It feels GREAT to dress up and get my picture taken!