Embracing My Feminine Side

I am not new to dressing up as a woman. In fact, it started when I was in my last year of high school. Although I was popular, I always had a way of staying to myself and keeping my desires quite mysterious. Yes i've had countless gf's and no I am not gay( not that I am undermining a gay person, as I have no phobias for homosexuals.) But throughout those experiences, I would always find myself looking at women, not only as how exotic and sexy they are, but also trying to capture their demeanor. The way women walk, their clothing styles, and how to accessorize. Women are absolutely fabulous, and how they carry themselves always make me want to try and embrace that side of me. So, I figured I will. I can remember my first wig, jeans, top and heels. Felt amazing on how quickly I would be able to pick up on being a woman. Walking in heels came to me quite easily, and since I am in shape, I've always had a sort of feminine shape. Well, on some occasions, while alone, I would feel the urge to dress up, and so I did. I will take a nice long bath, shave and cover myself with lotion that I bought from the local bath & body works.( let me tell you, lotions and the smell make your feminine side feel invigorating!) Then I would proceed to wearing panties ( mostly boy shorts, because they made my butt look so sexy) and having a bra that I took from one of my ex's. Then the jeans came on, sometimes caprice or shorts and my top. Finally all my accessories, my make up then my wig. I have done this for some time and after getting my confidence up, I attempted the dreaded mall. Being nervous in my car for what felt like an eternity, I gathered myself, said that I am sexy and took my strut down the garage and into the stores. This was in fact a life altering experience. Not that I am going to seek being a woman full time, but that I pulled together an experienced a day out and about as a woman. I will not lie in telling you that, all my outings were as pleasant, but why not take the risk? If it makes you feel great to know that you can pass as a woman enough to walk amongst others and try on heels or clothes, then go for it. I always imagined myself as a sexy, flamboyant person and will carry myself as such. So while the dream of finding a woman that is willing to share this experience seems to be slim, I will not worry because I am me, and something will eventually go my way. Thanks for listening, i'll be on my way to the mall, need some new outfits :)
jaelove88 jaelove88
22-25, M
Jul 31, 2012