Love The Group

I would love to meet all the Hartlots on EP.


My name is PTman and whom do I have the pleasure?


I will greet you with flowers and a smile. 

51-55, M
39 Responses Feb 9, 2010

wifeonthepull, i want to say that i would love to have you. and also in the group.<br />
great pics. :)

cherrycheesecake, i'm all for demonstrations. :) i will be waiting for you.

definately would.

fg you are the leader of all Hartlots on EP. lol<br />
<br />
love you girl.

LOL PT! I am here! Intro me to everyone that doesn't know me please.

how can that be Sara? so the one i have is a duplicate? hmmmm :)

Sorry mewold, you are too late! I've already stolen her heart..... (giggle)

your all heart mewold. lol <br />
<br />
pix hear tdoes look good.

pixe, will you give me your heart?????PLEAZZZZZZZEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

PT, I love to get got. lol

talk about a "woody" ;-)

not a problem, if i'm running late don't worry just keep standing there acting like a tree. eventually someone will go get you. lol

Sara, THEN it would look like a **** with a elm tree stuck to it.

Would it still be that small if Pixie or I were there? Nekkid?

Hey, I am not a demanding kind of guy. Any time between 8:00 PM and 8:03 PM in the just south of town would be great. I will be dressed like a elm tree with a **** sticking out of it. You may have to get pretty close and look kind of hard to notice me. lol

Oh boy, now I want to see this!!!! *wink*

Hey you two... none of that.... unless you let us watch!

is there a certain time you had in mind mewold. lol

PT, I love this thread. I am a harlot. I will do anything to recieve a BJ. Are you available Thursday??? MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaha...........................

to a harlot yes, shameless no. i gave it me so much pleasure. :) lol

I hope you didn't already give them to a shameless harlot Ptman! ;-)

yes you are Sara, i'm going to the EP bank as we speak. need to check my token count. lol

VERY detailed.... and priced high. But we ARE worth every penny... ;-)

invoices??? detailed i'm sure.

LOL!!!!!!! ;-) We're high maintenance!!!

Oh, sure, that's what you say NOW, ptman... but wait till you get our invoices.... LOL!

Pix i love shameless hartlots.

she is Ptman.....quite shameless.... hehehe! *wink*

it's my pleasure to meet you Sara, shameless? hmmm :)

*giggles at Sara* ;-)

yes we do sole definately lots of fun. :)

Cyber Harlots are as Cyber Harlots do.... Me, I'm shameless....

Yea Pix!...thank you PTMAN! We do have fun here.....

very lovey ones i must say.

Same here Soleil :-) We're "cyber harlots" LOL

we are in EP land and yes a very tasteful harlot indeed you are sole. lol

Lol,Pix! I may just be a EP harlot...with my pics,even though they are pretty tasteful....hehe NOT in real life!

and yes, without a doubt. lol<br />
<br />
hi Pix it is a pleasure to meet you again.

You already know this shameless harlot Ptman *wink* ;-)