This Will Be Fun....

So glad that PTMan created this group!!!!!

My name is MTVLM or MT for short........

Of whom do I have the sweet pleasure of meeting?

mtvlm mtvlm
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That is true, there are not many out there..... *wink*

LOL!!!! It is an exclusive club though lol.

Welcome, welcome FG. Glad that have come to be introduced even though your are right and we have spent a few nights together before. LOL!!!! I also wouldn't say that your the only monogamous nyph... LOL!!!!!

Well I will intro myself but it isn't like you haven't spent the night with me before LOL!<br />
<br />
Hi I am fungirl or as I am known here Juicy.. juicy fruit.. fgmmm, fun.... fg.. or shameless harlot works as well lol. I am also known as the queen of the attention wh*res and Pix is my wh*re in waiting lol. I am also one of the only monogamous nymphos. Enjoy it!!!! LOL

Oh Kara don't hold out on it, just go with being a harlot, think that you do really well for one.... *wink*<br />
<br />
Study hall at my place before Laz's exams..... Get you both trained right and proper...

End of course exams to be held at my place. Written section first, then the practical... oral to follow ;o)

LOL!!!! Mmmmmm yes and I see the effort into it... Much appreciated it is...

Whew!!!! That's good to know ... I've worked really hard to get where I am you know! LOL!!!

Kara as Laz has said just do what comes naturally... No pressure.... <br />
<br />
<br />
Pix - You will always be in the highest position of the most shameless harlots of EP......

Laz & MT...just between you and me...I'd better be careful in my training of Kara...she's quite likely to oust me out of high position as one of the most shameless harlots of EP...<br />
<br />
I'll make sure I keep some tricks just to myself in case I need to pull them out later *wink* <br />
<br />
Shhh...don't tell her, she's out shopping right now

Kara3, relax... you already know the answers, they're within you. Remember that line in Star Wars? "Luke, use the force...." Well, you're female ain't you? Chill... relax.... you have inherited all the exam questions. Just need to listen inside! :o)

Nothing more healing, life affirming, wonderful, beautiful than being told you're beautiful & a sexual being! And there's no better way than a willing, gorgeous, slinky, warm, wanting woman showing you how!<br />
Life, love and sex... everything else is mere details!

Very sound idea Laz, think we need to get that going.....

Great idea Laz!!!!! ;-)

Pix is right Kara..... got to get it all done correctly.....

Harlot should be considered one of the healing professions, like nurse, doctor or surgeon. Given equal status, it's a calling and does indeed take many years of study / practice to become accomplished. <br />
Much underrated in our society I think! You need empathy, care, patience, verve, pazzaz, kindness & pure joy in being human. <br />
Harlot school should have same status as Med school... and be treated as a vocation!

Shucks, I didn't know I was late to class! Kara, you'll need red fingernails and toenails and lipstick to go with those red heels!!

Oh yes the red is very nice and sexy.....

*sitting munching on popcorn in just shorts ready for the teaching to begin* Love those heels Kara....

Oh yea that will be one to sit in on....... *runs to microwave to get the popcorn ready*

Kara, if you need some pointers on being a harlot I'd be happy to tutor you dear! *wink*

Oh yes Kara.... Would be not the same with out you in here.... Just do what comes naturally.... LOL!!!

ZOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM-------------------------------....... smiles

You go Elf....... LOL!!!!!

Elf zooms past in his Scion XB with flailing arms and legs hanging out the windows and delighted sqeals from Hussies and Harlots filling the air------------------------------------------------------>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Be right there.....

Bare it babe!!!! BE right over to give that massage........................ Oil okay?

Who called you shy?? I don't see that... LOL!!!!

I was declared shy in one of the other stories ... not convinced I qualify as a harlot afterall!

Welcome WIB... So very glad that you could join in.....

hey mt ... can I join in?

Hello Cherry glad to meet you.... So your the Queen.... What is your court like?

Leaving on the fruit roll up panties on during the night and they get melted off can get the sheets messy..... Of course it isn't the only thing that does.... LOL!!!!

Round heeled harlots...why can't they wash the sheets? (What the f am I talking about? I lost myself....)

How thoughtful FG.... Okay girls line up with the flavored panties so that each can be tasted in turn....

I've got dibs on the cherry flavor (memories...).... LOL!!!!!

((fungirl drops by with fruity panties for all the other harlots))<br />
<br />
See y'all they are just like fruit roll ups. Enjoy y'all....Oops mine keeps getting sucked up my butt. Pardon my moon as I walk to the next story!

But of course Sara we want to see the tickler in action and see if it glows.... I am sure that it has fresh batteries otherwise it might be dead by the time the sex starved, nymphos in the making, kinky *** slapping, micro-bikini wearing, ****** desiring, heavy breathing, bosom babes get it back to you....<br />
<br />
I blame soap operas too... Lot of drama with no release....

OOOOOO.... wanna see the tickler in action, huh? No prob.... lemme just pass it around first so you wanton, booze slurping, pot smoking, thong-wearing, rock-n-roll digging, vibe-owning, hussies can check it out....<br />
<br />
I blame TV advertising, myself. Washing machine commercials turn me ON!

Yes Gertrude, it is the nipple play, sheer thongs and wagging of tongues that we speak of and we will go to church on Sunday, oh wait it won't stop with this Sunday cause it is the love day.... That will be funner.....<br />
<br />
Is that a wet spot on your granny panties?????<br />
<br />
I blame jello wrestling......

What is this Janet Jackson nipple flouncing , roller disco harlot skylarkings you speak of? Why are you all not in Church, asking forgiveness for your unholy lustful Democrat ways? I am APPALLED, as you know! OH! I blame edible underwear! *Faints dramatically with granny panties showing*

Hope that Sara's bottle doesn't run dry..... I got tequila though...... Maybe she will put on a demo for us..... Or have some help from the audience.....

Ohhhh....I wanna see too Sara!! *giggle*

And that I get to meet you again it is always a pleasure sweet Pix...... *wink*

SO glad to meet you again Sara, you are most welcome, ohh a lime green one tickler.... does it glow in the dark? Maybe I will get to see you use it.... *wink*

I think we've already met?? *wink*

Sara here... bourbon bottle in one hand, tickler in the other....

hehe happy to meet you too! ; P

But of course you can be first Lala..... So glad to meet you again.... *wink*

We have the same initials...I guess I can be the first