By Myself,

II am a teacher, schools out and my days are mine, my wife is very aware of my cross-dressing and has embraced it, but today i am all alone with her at work till 7. I have a workshop and can build just about anything, today i got up and felt creative, i built a device the will hold a **** in just about any position,and in one, thrust it 4 inches, i took a shower, cleaned my self very well, then started the dressing part, i had shaved my body completely, i love the feeling of the silk, i rolled the stockings on, i have a new purple set, they have a sticky top but i really like the garter belt, i put my 40ddd chest on and the teddy that has a beautiful lacey bottom to it, it stops just at the top of my garderbelt, then the shoes, i have developed a crush on baby doll pumps, i dont have a purple set but i do have a black swaade set, so its the black set, i stand in them putting one one at a time, then i check my self out in the mirror, i look dam good, fuckable if i don't say so myself. i want to suck some ****, earn a good ****, i have the **** at waist height, sticking out of a pair of my jeans, i drop to my knees and hold his **** in my hands, kissing the head, its a large one about 8 inches long, with a full head, i love the big head, it feels so good in my mouth, i relax and hold the hips of my toy, and start mouth ******* it, i get pass the gag reflex, and i can get all of it in my mouth, it feels good to give this much pleasure, after i pat my self on the back a little, i ask if he wants to **** my ***, i have a hotel suitcase stand that i can put on the bed, with a t shaped **** holder that hangs down with a little weight on it, i lay back on the bed and raise my *** up on a pillow, hang my legs over the stand and close my eyes and draw my legs up and feel the head of the **** i sucked hard, it was looking for my opening, i let it set on my *** for a minute, then i r brought my knees higher putting more weight behind the thrust i was about to take, i hit a point that my *** had to release and take the **** in all at once, it drove in all the way, it hurt a little for a minute, but i rubbed my breasts under the silk top, and then i started pumping my *** with a powerful thrust, my own **** got very little, it does that when i have a **** in me, but i just lay there ******* my self, slowly then fast, long thrusts deep, short ones, then i could feel the climax coming, i pull it out and let it thrust on my crotch, on my soft ****, feeling it in my hands, it so hard, i must be exciting him, getting a few breaths, then i go at it again, it take a little longer to start the feeling again, i stop. i get up and clean the **** up with soap, i want to suck it some more before i *** on it, i deep throat it again, i am so horny, i want to *** in my *** only, i change the devise to the i'm on top one, i straddle the **** feeling it with my *** then i slid down it it gasping, it felt like i as home, it felt so good, i put my weight on it and it was deep in me, it just about drove me crazy, i started riding it until i could feel the climax cuming, again i stopped and climbed off, i want it it **** me standing up, i adjusted it to the right weight with my heels on and i backed on it feeling it hit home again, i ****** it. felling my **** and moaning, in and out of me deeper and deeper, i knew i was going to *** this time, but i just need a minute so i stopped again, i walked out on the deck and took a few minutes, had a mixed drink, and let my heart get back in my chest, i like the standing ****, so i was going to let my climax out in that position, but i thought, i'm not ready yet, i wanted to tease myself crazy, i thought i would pleasure two men at the same time, i got out the strap-on of my wife's and set it up so i could be in the doggie position and suck some **** at the same time, i like being taken and used for pleasure, i got on all four and spread my legs wide and felt the **** in my ***, it was time to get down to serious *******, i thrust the **** in my *** as i slid the **** in my mouth, i was full, of ****, i was in heaven, i could feel the climax *******, it took it time, my legs were shaking, i was not going to make it in this position, so i set up the, on my back again, i was able to get the strap-on set up to hang down in my face, i could *** here, i rested again and lubed up again and got at it, i love the feeling of the **** sliding in to me, i thrust it in deeper and deeper, i was sucking bon the **** too, this time i let myself take the moment and enjoy it, i could feel the **** in my throat, deep almost gagging, but in deep, i could feel the climax cuming, it was going to be a big one, i could see colors, my entire core was climaxing, i bucked and grabbed the **** in my month and held it in my month moaning, my whole body was shaking, it was very intence, i keep thrusting the **** in and out of me, i was so tight , it was a great feeling. i did not quite, i keep ******* my ***, for another minute then i felt it deeper and it made like he came, in me deep. with the one still in my month, moaning, i swallowed, another feeling, i was tired. i fell a sleep, got up and wrote this. is this something anybody else has done??
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May 23, 2012