I Got Drunk And Was ****** .

Hi girlfriends & boyfriends . Just to share an experience that i have went throught during last year holidays season which are unforgetable..... I attend a year end house party with my new girlfriend whom i met 2 weeks ago. Before i go , i was told to wear sexily & to wear a short skirt. The one that wear the ' shortest miniskirts ' will get a surprise gift after the party , as i was told . As usual, i wore a short blue miniskirt with a white lacy panties that goes with a tanktop and high heels. There , i got to met few tranny & ladyboys that are friendly & very open minded just about every thing. All of us drank few bottles of wine that night . The last thing i remember was i got very drunk that i could not even walk on my own ! But i do remember something like..... being kiss , touch & fondle all over me . Then someone lifted my miniskirt & was trying to pull down my panties. Then i just pass out ! The next morning , when i woke up , i felt painful on my *** & i was naked , sleeping on the bed . Then i saw my girlfriend sleeping over the sofa. I woke her up & ask her what have happen ! She ask me , didn't i remember anything at all ? Then she told me that , i was **************. My girlfriend show me a " video clip " that recorded the whole event . It shows that, when i have pass out on the floor, they carried me to a sofa , whereby they spread my legs wide & that exposed my white panties. They started touching & fondle me all over my body & they drag me to the bed , whereby they take  off my tanktop. 2 tranny was sucking my nipples each side. I try to push them away but was too weak. Then 2 others pull down my panties. I only have my short skirt on and nothing else . They have prepare condoms & K-Y JELLY lubricant ready .  After finishing viewing the video clip , i still can't get over it . I felt regret for drinking too much & pass out without knowing ! So, please , girlfriends & boyfriends , don't ever get drunk at a party ! - cdson .
cdson cdson
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Sorry honey to read that you have been raped in such a drunk condition. Probably they wanted to get a feel of your sexy body. But thank goodness,that they have apply ' KY Lube' into u to reduce the pain & for easy penetration. Imagine being play by 4 tranny at the same time. It must be very hard for u to get over it. Honey, if u need someone to talk to ,i could be a good listener & advisor.

Thank you for your advise. Well, looking at your profile, u are looking for TG/CD for friendship . Maybe, we have similar interest & we could get acquainted first . But please don't flirt & seduce me too openly here as i don't know how to act / respone to u at times ......

I don't know what to say . Definitely would feel violated...;-/

I agreed my dear. I would cencor some experience written here on this story ... i could not get over it at times. Thank you for your sincere comment , angiecan .

Feel free to talk ..;-)

I felt betrayed & doubly cheated when i found out that my girlfriend who's the one who plan this s*x party & also **** me as well that night .....

If I only was pegged by my girl friend that would be great. But to be gang raped by strangers un-cool.

U are absolutely right ! It was un-pleasurable .....& being ******** bare . Anyway , " They are lousy & only have small dic*ks ! " . I just have to forgive , forget & move on ......... !

Your right to move on...No point on dwelling on it. Becareful to not allow youself into another situation with too much drink.

Thank you for your advise. I have to be totally be myself & never be in that drunk situation ever again....... IT was a painful experience.

What about the girlfriend ? Did you part ways ?

I m sorry for the late reply. Yes, try but not successful as she kept seducing me non stop & lately she want me to provide escort services together with her friends for fun. I don't feel comfortable with this idea . What do you think, angiecan ?

Personally I cannot make out with another male. I had been approuched many times during my late teens and early 20's.
I felt flattered by I just could never go there. I Love women.

If I have been Blessed to be born female I would probably be a heterosexal female with some bi experimnents.

Bottom line, I simply prefer women.

Though its rare. There are some women that like fembois. And not exploit your femininity for profit.

Thank you for your personal advise. As i have been very doubtful bout ' earning a living' by this means. I don't sell myself or should provide sexual services for money ! U r right ! I am with you . Thanks !

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