....To be honest...we have a similar life. My mom thinks I'm an embarrassment, retard, **** up, useless, stupid, etc. and my sisters don't like me, my brothers make fun of me! My cousin beat me up behind my school and left me there. I was in foster homes when I was younger, my mom use to beat me up until I couldn't walk! I moved every 8 to 12 months because everywhere I went I was beat up and left behind a school, bathroom, my own house! Marshall, you win because you had no one, I have your music! <3 'Don't ever try judge me dude, you don't know what the **** I've been threw!' Thanks for reading this.....sorry I'm a ****** up person, but this is my life and this still happens!
jaylenefiddler1240 jaylenefiddler1240
16-17, F
Feb 19, 2014