Nov 15th..... Where are u~?
MissHara MissHara
26-30, F
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November 6th..... Where you are?

Hmm? Nov 15th..

Hmmm....November! 😉👍

Scorpio!!!! Beware!! Lol

Ouch!! Lol

Magnetic, mysterious and secretive!!! And the eyes will lure you in and you pierce the heart with a melting sting! Pure evil and sexy as ****!!!!

O////0 wow.. That is faltering. How bout u? Is it Scorpio also? Perhaps u are talking bout urself, lol~

Oh, no! I'm a LEO!!! Was married to a Scorpio!! We just couldn't find middle ground! But the sex was off the charts!!! Lol it also mean that Scorpio is the type that hard to settle down?

Yes! Flight is easier than fighting for love!!!

Ooo that's quite flattering!

It's just how Scorpio's are my dear! I'm sure you're no exception!!!

Haha thank-you! :)

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