South Nj

I have moved and lived in 4 states because my ex wife has moved around so much and she has my kid, now 14. I changed occupations to truck driver because it is pretty easy if you have a good record and credentials to get a job driving anywhere.

I live in south NJ. Not many people here as apposedĀ to nearĀ cites. Nevertheless this is where my daughter is. 5 min by car. I will not be a non involved father.

I learned last may I have colon cancer. It was not discovered early so my chances of living much longer are slim. Still I have myself set up here and will prob die here.

Another problem is I am gay. Not many meeting places such as in the cities.

I would love to meet people who understand my story and have similar conditions or are gay in S NJ.
jls2nd jls2nd
51-55, M
Jan 9, 2013