Need Friends

i need friends in new jersey me and wife are going thru a hard time right now and i need to find friends to hang with and keep busy while she works on her self

nevius10 nevius10
7 Responses Feb 28, 2009

I want friends too. I live in fanwood nj and am available to hang out during the days of the week and on Saturday.

I'm in Voorhees twp (camden county) what part are you in and are you still looking for friends?

I'm from NJ drop me a line

Looking for friends in Jersey as well. good luck to us all!

Hi, i am looking for friend in NJ too.

Hello I'm in Jersey too but born and raised in Texas and find this area to be cold and unfriendly. Alot of people just like to get in my business and gossip. I'm here if u want to vent. I love to talk but also can be a good listener. You are never alone nor am I.

I'm in New Brunswick. Lived in Nj all my life. Currently visiting Baton Rouge and its like breath of fresh air. NJ is hostile and Louisiana is so friendly.

Hi~ <br />
I live in NJ(Princeton) a month ago.<br />
so I have no friends to play with me.<br />
I find a friends living in NJ too.<br />
Do you still find a friends?<br />
Then, you contact me please~<br />