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I was married for 31 years to my best friend and he passed away in May.I have tried to get used to being by myself and hate it. For this past 3 years my husband was retired and I am a homemaker we went everywhere together.The market,shopping for homegoods,out to eat,go buy movies.We loved Target and went weekly.Come home and watch movies together.Now he is gone and I am alone.My family is great and visit but it's not the same.Nothing is,I hate going to bed by myself.The bedroom is lonely the living room is lonely even the kitchen where we had coffee and luch and supper.So I decided to try these internet websites on meeting people.Well let me tell you that is not the place to meet any decent people.I put down an age group from 55-65 and most of these men are on line looking to get hooked up but not for friendship if you know what I mean.What happened to being friends and talking on the finding out if people have anything in common?What happened to making a friend and getting a cup of coffee?I could not believe the agend'a of these so called mature men.My husband was a decent man with self respect and it showed.I don't know what has happened to our generation or I have lived a very sheltered life.All I know is making a male friend is just about impossible.

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1 Response Dec 3, 2009

I hope to one day be you. The you that was married to your best friend. The one that loved, the one that did everything together, the one that after he retired loved spending every minute together. I really want to say that one day. The now lonely part stinks, but to have all you had, I would love to have that.