Where Are The Older Women?

I would love to meet an older woman who loves to poop in her pants. It seems that almost all the women on this site are in the 18-40 range, with not many (that I have seen, anyway) in their 50s or 60s. I know they're out there, but probably too reluctant to reveal themselves (it's a different generation, after all, and not as open about these things as is the current generation of young people.) Who knows? If you do belong to that older age group but are reluctant or afraid to come aboard, you could join and remain completely anonymous. You could set up, under a false name, a new email address on gmail, or hotmail, etc., and use that when you register on EP. Just don't indicate your actual name or any other identifying information. And after you've logged out of Experience Project, just delete your browsing history, and no one will know you've been here. Whomever you are, I'd love to see you on this site.
Luvmessing Luvmessing
66-70, M
Dec 13, 2012