Couldn't Hurt to Post

I figure that it couldn't hurt to post that I want to meet girls who like to poop their panties.  Who knows, maybe there's a girl out there who'll respond and we can set up a meeting.  I've always wanted to poop myself with a girl in public or private, but don't plan on walking around town asking girls if they're into it.  My last girlfriend was a very open minded lady, but I couldn't bring myself to ask her.  I think that the internet is a safer place to ask around :D.  I like the whole anonymity aspect of it.  Last thing i'd want is for word to get around and my community to know me as the weird pants-pooping guy   Anyway, I'm a 21 year old male from northern California.  6ft even and 180 lbs.  White dude for anyone that cares.  If interested, send a message to me either by whiteboard or any other way :D

saldali saldali
22-25, M
2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

I agree is difficult to meet a girl who is into wetting/messing. Good luck. I hope I can meet one too.

i like to poop my panties (and somtomes secretly my bra) however i am sadly only 11. but still i am open.:D